Anand v Carlsen and the net audience

Not very surprisingly, I've been keeping an eye on the World Championship match. Looks like it might ignite now Carlsen is one up! Anand will have to get aggressive! The one thing that irritates me about the match is the rubbish that streams down the right hand side of the live footage on the official site. Hardly any talk of chess and lots of crude comments at the expense of the women commentators. Can these people be chessplayers, or has chess somehow suddenly become attractive to total idiots?!!


  • 3 years ago


    Pretty bad! And even those who don't stoop to that still mamage to talk complete nonsense too.

  • 3 years ago


    Agreed, it's the same on the live chess here on You get idiots who play you on there, then abuse you when they lose. Also facebook has a lot to do with this, I made a post about it recently ( (3257 views and 91 comments). If you look a woman's wall on here, it's full of men with chess ratings lower than 900 with fake profils telling the women "how beautiful" they look... in a dirty way. Not on. Agree with this post

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