Tools for chess

Jun 8, 2011, 8:32 PM |

Today I'd found an old litle notebook in which I used to take notes on famous chess quotes by famous players. While reading it again, I've found 8 basic chess guidelines taken from the program Chessmaster 9000, which really helped me improve my game 6 years ago when I first read them. They seem to be really simple, but to master them has proven to be a difficult task:

1. Open the game with a center pawn

2. Develop your Knights before your Bishops

3. Don't move your Queen too soon in the opening

4. Castle early in order to protect your King

5. Develop your Rooks to central or open files

6. Look to develop an attack after you have fully mobilized your pieces

7. Capture towards the center

8. If you violate the above, your opponent will swiftly deal with you

You aim to control the center, mobilize, and then, with coordinated motion, you go for the thrust and win

I like to think of them as the tools for an artist, and all my understanding of chess derives from them, I hope somebody will find them usefull. ThanksĀ”