I hate idiots!

IM AndreyOstrovskiy
Sep 2, 2014, 6:59 AM |

It was very hard to say what I hate in this life until this very moment. Just found that one "expert" from Italy wrote on my chess coach profile page 3 weeks ago:

"I think this profile is no real. I asked him to start a training program, and after 1 trial lesson I decided to buy the 20 hours package. 1 hour before to start the training lesson he sent me this email:


An important information!
My wife's father was kidnapped by russian terrorists in Donetsk.
We do everything to free him.
So I'm not available now and won't be in the near future.
Don't pay!
Regards, Andrey 

I ask to chess.com to remove this profile. Regards,

So, I wrote him the truth just to PREVENT him from PAYING to me, because I understood that I wouldn't be able to coach him in that difficult situation. What's wrong?

And he made a conclusion that I'm a cheater! After I provided him a trial lesson! He saw me, he talked to me, he lost a game disgracefully... Just imagine what happens in his brain... Chess is definitely not for him I suppose.

And now some sort of emotional response:

chessgandalf2014 - fu*k you! Do you think that everything depends on your desires in this life?! We (me and my family) went through a real hell! If you don't know nothing then just read news and check what has been happening in Ukraine lately. I wish you to get such an experience motherf*cker! And ask different members of a REAL chess community on my EXISTENCE.    

I hate idiots!