Personal Banter Blitz Contest

Personal Banter Blitz Contest

IM AndreyOstrovskiy
Nov 17, 2016, 12:16 PM |

Hey, everyone!

I am the host of Training Tuesday and Late Friday Night Banter Blitz shows at chess24, so...

With this post, I am happy to announce the contest.

The prize is individual 1 hour Banter Blitz session with explaining mistakes after each game and guidance on improvement in general.

How to take part?

It is simple:

1) Subscribe to my YouTube channel at or skip this step if you are already my subscriber;

2) Choose the video you like the most and share it somewhere - write a post, for instance;

3) Repeat! The more shares, the more chances to win;

4) Give me the evidence (links to your posts) - write a private message to me here or on Facebook, or send me an email;

5) Wait until the end of November - I will announce the winner on December 1.

I will then contact the winner, and we will arrange the Skype or Hangouts session so that it will be not only the Banter Blitz experience but rather an individual training session!

I am waiting for your action! See you over the board in December