Jul 29, 2007, 5:23 PM |

Names are changed to protect the innocent.

I am teaching a coworker (Armond) how to play a better/smarter game of chess against an intimidator opponent who has a what I have dubbed the Newt Rockney Wedge, which goes something like this...

Bob is always white (I know it is unfair but that is his rule, his board).  His opening game goes like this: move one space forward both the king and queen's knight's pawn - then move the king and queen bishop's pawns two spaces forward - then work the king and queen's pawns three spaces forward. Once the wedge is established the queen plays a gurella game of strike and reteat behind the wall of pawns.

I have devised several opening game moves to combat this wedge,  including convincing Armond that loosing a player is not devestating, rather expected.  I have a opening that uses one of the bishops to limit the queen's movement.  There are a couple other openings that I find effective breaking into the Wedge before it is established.  

I welcome insights and input on this.