I may be the most uninvolved person on this site, but I do play a hell of a lot of chess. As of recently I hada terrible loseing streak against kids i taught. They show very good promise, one of them imparticular, however, I know for  afact that I didn't lose becaue the student has fianlly exceeded the master. I feel as if I was just out of it. My sister tells me that I just may hav eburnned myself out. Too much chess.

I don't know if this happens to anyone else, I'm sure it does. I play chess alot umong other very important activitiesin my day-to-day life. Chess is a very important part of my life, but it isn't something I need to live. I play quite abit. I  think things out in chess like sonarios, I see chess peices during the day and nigh when I am not sleeping, and while falling asleep I think over moves, strtgies, combos, etc. Like I said before, itisn't the only thing I do. I obsess about a great deal many other things, but chess is one of my many infatuations.

Maybe I have burnt myself out. I am now 2 days without a chess game. This is actually the first time in 2 day that I even thought about chess. What has been on my mind is stepmania, MGS2 and drawing my latest manga hopefully to be published in the spring, but no garentees, but if I don't fininsh it there will be no hope for my lovely manga.

 I shall take a break, but I like playing chess. It relaxes me. (apparently it doesn't if  I get upset overmaking stupid moves that lose me 3 games in a row.) I just need time.