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Hey there this is Angryrook28 and I'd love to show you and teach you some cool tricks to improve your bullet chess games .You might have seen many times that very good players (above 1800) have got both tactic and speed.You also might have asked some when ... Yell"How can he be won ? He is unbeatable " ...So in order to win such a good player you should learn some tricks . I am gonna show you some of them . First I have to set a rule . This rule is MY rule and is a rule a created on my own and I don't think it exists in chess....I name VACUM the pawns which CAN NOT BE DEFENDED IN THE NEXT TURN...you won't easily find those in a lot of your games especially not in bullet ... i just mentioned it to inform you for what I'm gonna name vacuum... So let's think how those players develop their game...You might have seen them developing 3-4 pawns and then BLOCKING their king after castling and then unblocking their pieces again and having and awesome position...Well you should know some tricks that might help you . Money mouthSome of them start their game by sacrificing a bishop or a knight and then cause of your exposed king and not able to castle king you lose the game either on time or by checkmate . Those players usually use premove for their 3-4 moves early in the opening...You should not accept the sacrifice...well you'll ask yourself how can we not accept the sacrifice ? Hmmm I will show you just the opening from one of my games with a really high rated guy and you'll understand better what i wrote you above ...

Well i won this game by checkmate if you want to see how definitely go ahead and do so(access my profile it might says)Cool .... Anyway another good way to catch those players sleeping is to check -attack their king early in the opening...Many times I can swear that this tip helped a lot...They weren't expecting such an aggressive play from my side and they lost their premove sequence of moves.. Well also many people have been asking me things like "Well bullet sucks my pc sucks what can I do for it ? "Well you have to know that not everyone has the opportunity to have the fastest computer or the best Internet connection ...I'll tell you what I mean...In my country,Greece Internet connection is too poorFrown...just imagine that the highest speed is 24 Mega bits/second...i have got a connection of 0.5 mega bit/second and I am connected from a net-book without even mouse(I have one but I'm not used to use it anyway) and i play nice .tactical bullet chess and win..those guys care too much about time ...What's the problem with time?Well even if you have fallen back 10 whole seconds you can play some fast and risky moves and get your time or even more back. Tongue outThe thing is to win in the game and not care about the time. For example if you're -5 on material and you are +20 seconds there are more chances for your opponent to win and that's something we don't want..So in order to play a better game ignore time .. Keep an eye on the clock yes but don't only care about it . Also you might have disconnected without wanting to ... Yeah that's bad but we don't have to blame chess.com about that...they do their best and we ought to appreciate it . Laughing  Well take a deep breath we're gonna continue with the endgame . Lots of people have been arguing for which is more important (opening or endgame) and well a good opening is the beginning of a good game but endgame can be killing cool ... If you're not careful you might lose the game and pass pawns can determine the game . Pass pawns are the pawns which haven't got any other pawn in their line so they can't be stopped by pawns. And many times you might have observed that when the clock is about to 1-2 seconds players have been playing silly just to play fast and not to lose on time...Well this can totally become unprofessional and badCry...we have to be careful in our endgame and if our opponent's time is very low then make a psycho (crazy) move just to land a check and force him to lose some time .That's why if you don't want your opponent to make psycho move and land you a check the most safe thing you can do in the endgame is to move your king and not other pieces..once nothing comes up you have to start thining how to win this game. I remembered something a lot of players  do ...SurprisedWell many of them use to have something written in the chat and to send it to you just to draw your attention..It's not the best trick but it might win you some time..I don't suggest it but if you want defenitely go ahead and give it a try but it doesn't show you proud anyway ...You can also use an opening (as the queen's gambit which I also use) whuch has got many sure moves...a sure move is a move which even if your oponnent plays the best move he won't get any big advantage .This way you won't get zapped by the first moves..please do me a favour and comment....it took me 1 hour to write all this text and it just takes 4 seconds to write thnx or something..