Bullet blitz and standard matches

Jan 6, 2011, 12:15 PM |

Bullet is the game most of the players play in chess.com and even if we like it or not we should make a try to understand it.


In Bullet each player has got from 1 to 2 minutes standard time and no more than 1 second extra time per move . So they have to develop their game both fast and good if they want to win.  ; ))   BUT HERE IS THE THING: if they do develop their game very good and comfortable for them it will most probably take them a lot of time so they will either lose on time or play hurry and end up losing .Instead of playing good they can of course make a TIME GAME.A time game is a fast,risky,dangerous game which doesn't obviously contein the best moves always but it is developed really fast.Summing up bullet chess games players have to play both good and fast in oder to win . So,it is a really hard and smart game and if somebody wants to win must have technique and speed.  :))  Most players dislike losing on time because it is humillating and they just lose by checkmate.Bullet is the game of impatient people (such as me and many others bullet lovers)   : )

Then we have the blitz matches.Blitz matches are the second most often played kind of game and it is really awesome.


In blitz players have got from 3 to 15 minutes and (i think) they don't get extra time except if they game ranges under 10 minutes but i'm not the most reliable person if you want to learn more things about blitz   :-/

Blitz games usually contain much more tactic shots and many more traps.(In which players who are hurry fall in and lose for sure)  :-)]   Time is not such a serious problem for players because if their oponnent hurries they can win the game with a simple,good explained game.Most often players play with 5 minutes time and no extra time(5 0).Blitz is the game which has both technique and time...Rarely players can explain all of their moves for sure but a good player is someone who can explain all of them and plays fast . The more you practise on blitz games the better you react.Blitz is a combination of fastness and technique but i'm just repeating my words and making you bores isn't my aim of writing this  article on my blog...so let's go on with standard and long matches   ;-))

Standard matches are the matches which are unfortunately or not most often disliked by most of the players . This is quite reasonable because you just don't always have the time or you just don't care for what they play.Standard matches anyway are matches which have extra time(again most often) and range from 15 minutes to 120  (!!!!) You'll most probably been thinking "WHO HERE WOULD BEEN PLAYING SUCH A LONG BORED GAME OF CHESS????"Well i also used to play standard matches and they are really interesting(not as much as bullet matches are)   : )))   (By the way i stopped playing standard just because i could not easily find oponnents!!!! Players don't lose on time there because there is a plenty of time...good players don't hurry and can explain each simple move of them.