Bullet tricks

Bullet tricks

Jan 5, 2011, 1:59 PM |

Hello everyone this is Angryrook28 and I'd like to tell you some things for bullet games...there are certain tricks and tips which can help you save time or win material...anyway things you should know for bullet games are:

1)Players really rarely choose the best move to play

2)Others care too much about time and this is just bad because once caring for time you don't care for what you play

so .... people ask me how do i play that fast on opening and if i am cheating...the answer is that of course im'not...i just use an option named premove.Premove can be activated from the"Settings"button under the box of Game's chat..anyway premove is an option which lets you play other moves while your oponnent is still thinking of his next move...so without being able to play other moves if it is not your turn premove lets you to do so...but not all of the moves of your oponnent are predictable so premov is not always good...i prefer using it just for opening and sometimes(most often if i'm back on time but i win at material) because in the midgame it can be proved really dangerous for you...Here are some helpful and useful tricks for bullet

1)Play fast in the opening if there isn't going to become an awful position for you...By doing so you'll have some extra time to thing a little bit better in the midgame.

2)If you think that 60 % time and more yours oponnent moves are predictable you can play what you think the best move is if your oponnent plays the most playble move for him(or the most often)....

3)Don't be afraid of falling back on time...It is good although to win on time and at material both(and positionally if happens)but you shouldn't be that worry if you lose for about 2-5 seconds...

4)After that I've also seen a lot of players exchanging and losing material on purpose in exchange for some time...this isn't the best thing to do when you're winning a game for sure...even if you lose on time just take away some options from your oponnent and then checkmate him with the first chance...

5)Other good trick is when rematching with players play with the same opening and then just come up with a different move early on the game..(e.g fourth with sixth move no more) that will puzzle him and you will win some time...

6)When your oponnent is still thinking don'tbe lazy!Think of other moves or the most playable one in your position...

7)Don't always play the most predictable!That will let your oponnent just play too the predictables and you'll end up in a bad game for you (if he is good 1700+)...Not playing the predictable doesn't mean making bad moves but playing not the most obvious ones

Those and more to come!Hope to play you online! ( 75% and more just read the first and final period till the fullstop(.)...if you were from those who read it whole just comment or leave me any trophy) it would be really sweet of you to hear some good words.Thanks,