Racial discrimination :(

Racial discrimination :(

Mar 15, 2011, 11:16 AM |

Hello everybody this is Angry rook Cool . Unlike other articles of mine where I analyse positions or give you some information for Grand Masters in this one I am going to write a little bit about racial discrimination ..

Racial discrimination is the bad habit some people have to choose one out of others judging and criticizing the rest because of their nationality , religion , appearance or even their skin colour . As you understand racial discrimination is definitely a bad thing and can unfortunately hurt people . So where can somebody get insulted cause of the above ? The truth is that unluckily people can be insulted almost everywhere ... Everyday racial discrimination takes place at school , job , Internet websites or even at home ... Choosing without objectivity can certainly become a very serious disadvantage of somebody ... For instance in the world football cup every country creates a team consisted of the top sixteen football players of the country .When one team is winning against the other one then the fanatic audacity  "friends of football" start screaming and making fun of the other's tame loss ... That's something totally unsporting and gives wrong opinion to the other viewers of the game . 

Other kind of racial discrimination is the one which occurs at school . When people leave their country and move to an other one to improve their quality of life it isn't rare for these people's children to get insulted by others . They main reasons somebody is leaving his country are the following :

  • War 
  • Bad political system
  • Poor family economy
  • Other kind of trouble
  • Troubles with the law                                                                                

Not that usual but possible too , is for the teacher to treat a kid with a different way ( a bad one) because he comes from another country or has other religion . In this case , children should report the teacher to the head master and complain for his inappropriate behaviour . Due to this and some stubborns who teach them how to treat a kid like that with such an awful way , young people become racists and create many problems which bring people in an uncomfortable way . To successfully face racism we should be open minded and always eager to help.

Well the thing is how can we help protect the victims or react in a position like this... For instance if somebody is too afraid to report inappropriate behaviour of somebody else on him , then we should inform his parents or make him react .Racists are usually people who haven't got any other interest in their life and that's the main reason they can't think further . Racists are also people who make things very general and very usually they are extreme and too stubborns to consider that the person they insult has definitely got his own problems so it would be more polite to support him.

To sum up. Racism is a part of our life and we can see racist people everywhere. It's a problem which should motivate all of us if we care for others . Last but not least we should protect the victims who are treated with such a terrible way .


Bill Mix 15th March 2011

And remember :

If you don't react you can't request things to change