The craziest chess game ever!

Feb 19, 2011, 9:35 AM |

Hello everyone this is Angry rook 28 once again...Today we will take a look at a very interesting game...Something really unprofessional happened in this game and lots of things occured from this certain game...

Starting up let me tell you that one of two players did something unprofessional and he didn't apolise ... I don't really know who was playing which pieces but what I know is that one of them was cheating...."Cheating ??What do you mean ...How can somebody cheat in CHESS for god's sake"......So the truth is that you CAN cheat in chess...cheating in chess means playing the moves the computer would be playing in a position...So one of them cheated and lost!!!!!This is crazy it was certainly one of the craziest games of chess ever...The one who was cheating was winning for sure (according to the computer he was winning for 2 points and he was losing only for 2 points of material which he would be winning for sure(or even more) after some moves) ...Let me show you the game then...Oh and something else...right now I found out who were playing...they were both grand masters .The game took place beetween  

Mamedyarov vs. Kurnosov 

Oh and something else...Kurnosov was thinking a move for about 40 'll most probably find it crazy and well the crazeist part of the story is that then he offered a draw!!!So...would you been accepting that or no ?Well Mamedyarov didn't and then he lost...I don't have words for that game...Please tell me in comments if you would have accepted the draw in the position I will show you (Keep reading my comments below and you will see when he offered a draw)...So after the game mamedyarov didn't shake his opponent's hand and the only things they found in his jacket were ciggaretes and a lighter....weird comes the game anyway