A Futuristic Find in the Albin Counter-Gambit

A Futuristic Find in the Albin Counter-Gambit

NM Anhao

I have always been a Fianchetto player through and through. To give you an idea, my first ever chess opening was the Hippo, which I literally played every game for both white and black up to 2100 USCF.  It goes without saying that I needed to expand my repertoire a bit, and my favorite weapons since against 1.d4 have always been the Modern Benoni and King's Indian. I think they are just good chess.

For a few years now, however, I've had a new glass cannon in my repertoire: The Albin Counter-Gambit. Though dubious and perhaps outright losing (or maybe not , but more on that later), I find it an absolute blast to play and analyze.

The following find is from my own Albin files, and is one of the most amazing chess concepts I've seen this year. It defies perfectly sound chess logic, and to be honest I don't completely understand it yet. Even Stockfish's evaluation amazingly stays convinced at around +2.00 in the initial position, and only drops to -2.00 when I feed it through the moves.

A Futuristic Find

Amazingly...it seems that Black is winning in the above position.

I hope you enjoyed the idea. I think chess definitely has these fulfilling moments where things somehow magically come together, and we can't believe our eyes that it works. Onto the next one!