A Shocking Novelty against the a6-Slav

A Shocking Novelty against the a6-Slav

NM Anhao

Every so often while panning for new ideas I come across one that meets all my criteria for what I consider to be the perfect novelty:

Shock-Factor: Is the idea deep or bizarre enough to even stump computers at first? Does it camouflage well and not sit waiting to be skimmed as the machine's first suggestion?

Innovative/Theoretical Value: Does the novelty occur within the first 10 moves or the first 30? Is it a one-off idea with a clear solution or a bombshell that'll keep giving headaches to opponents for games to come?

Aesthetic Value: Is it just moving Rad1 instead of Rfd1 or does the idea have some more funk to it? In my book, the wackier the better.

Recently I discovered one that I think might just meet all of these in the a6-Slav for White. It was tremendously fun to analyze and I hope you enjoy it as much. Let's take a look!

Black now has two main moves, dxc4 and cxd4. Against both I'm happy to report that white has some crazy resources to put black under some serious pressure. It would be too much to look at every possible variation, but I'll lay out what I think are the most critical and interesting ones.



Hope you enjoyed the novelty and get a chance to uncork it. At the moment there seems to be a single muddled path to a fighting position where White has happily gambited the a5 pawn, with many other tries for Black failing spectacularly.  Please feel free to post any comments or questions below!