An Unbelievable Novelty against the 10.f3-g4 King's Indian

An Unbelievable Novelty against the 10.f3-g4 King's Indian

NM Anhao

These days we're seeing a whole new wave of modern King's Indian experts, such as Jorden van Foreest, perhaps the entire Greek national team, and some amazing correspondence specialists such as Pospisil. The recent super engines have not killed this opening at all, but rather have breathed new life into it. 

I've never understood why white players still go for the Mar del Plata against the KID. There's a huge body of theory to learn, and the fatality rate for white is off the charts both in classical and correspondence play. For instance, here is an unbelievable novelty for black against the 10.f3-g4 variation that has every chance of winning the game outright. I cooked it up a few months ago but it is now getting stale in the freezer, so I wanted to share it with you all

The Bomb:

So there you have it, one of many new crazy ideas being discovered every day in the KID, this one even by an amateur . In the immortal words of Andras Adorjan, "Black is Ok!"

I have countless more bombs up my sleeve both in KID and other openings, so stay tuned!