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Did you know #3

Did you know #3

Jul 3, 2009, 7:19 PM 0

Everyone knows about Pit Bulls and their aggressiveness (thats another matter ill probably get into another time). Also most know them by their notorious jaws. By popular belief many believe their jaws "lock". That is false. In fact their has been research done on a Pit's skull and everything and found nothing that even closely resembles something that "locks". Their the same as any dog. According to Dr. I. Brisbin, a senior researcher with the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, University of South Carolina, Pit Bulls do not have a "locking jaw" mechanism:

      "The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles, and teeth of Pit Bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different from that of any breed of dog.

There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of 'locking mechanism' unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier."

I know many people will argue against this saying they've seen case wear the dog was dead or unconscious and they bite something and it was nearly impossible to get them to let go. Heres a story on that subject:

A variant of the "locking jaw" story is told by Tom Skeldon, Lucas County (Ohio), dog warden, who said that an impounded Pit Bull that had been used in fighting started "going wild," biting at the walls of the kennel. He shot the dog with a tranquilizer, and then left it for five minutes to let it pass out. When he came back the dog had indeed passed out, but not before it had leaped up and clamped its jaws on a cable used to open the door of the kennel. "Everything else was relaxed, the dog was out cold, but its jaws wouldn't let go of that cable, and he was hanging in midair," said Skeldon. "Not even a jaguar will do that."

Well im not even close to knowing enough about this subject to back up this, but they say that some breeds are know to not relax their jaw muscles.

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