Chess Clock-The 'Phobia'

Sep 5, 2015, 6:18 AM |

Chess Clock

Chess clock is one of the thing from which amateurs fear the most. First thing one should do take a deep breadth. He must press the button after his move(because I as amateur often forgot to do so, in my tournament games, but it is not the case now).

It is as important to have a look on the clock as well as on the pieces on the board. Just for instance,

1)If player 'A' is having a good position on board, but is lagging behind on the clock, then he must play just waiting moves.(If there is time increment). 

2)He must try to use his opponents time in order to think of his further moves and traps.

3)A person when up on time but lagging behind in the position must try to avoid trades. He should think well in order to have a command over the game.

A rare blitz game

Time is not the only important thing to win a game. Vishy Anand took 1:43 min in order to think in a 5 min blitz game, just for fourth move. Finally he won it.


Chess is game to adjust, sometimes we have to play classically and sometimes rapidally.


Hope this will help the readers