Endgame Strategy-Lucena Position

Oct 10, 2015, 2:50 AM |
Hello Chess Fans,

In this blog of mine, I'm going to tell you about the endgame.  Endgame is one of the most critical part of endgame, it is the time when we have to use our wits at the top most level if we want ot succeed.

Now, we will be learning how to conquer over the LUCENA POSITION ? Let us have a look at the position:               


We can clearly say that white is going to win this game. But how? 

White is winning only if he is able to promote the pawn. Now, I'll be tellling you how is white going to promote the pawn.

There are 2 STEPS  for the promotion of this pawn:

1) White has to put the king on the f8 square and pawn on the f7 square.

2) Then, white has to build a bridge in order to give the final blow.


Step 1: To put the king on f8 and pawn on f7.

 Let us now see it in action:

It's the time when we had to give black a knockout punch that is to start building the bridge. Let us see it in action:


This is the way in which we can overcome Lucena Position. I hope this blog will help you, improving your game. I'll surely be posting another endgame blog in next week. Feel free to send me a friend request. Until then..... cheers