How to improve chess

May 16, 2015, 3:36 AM |

First of all thanks to everyone who read my first blog, it's time for a new one. This one is about how I improved my chess? Our coach told me several things which I want to share

1)If anybody is playing Black he must not copy white's move, because it can be a huge loss for black.

2)The most important thing is chess opening. Every opening is a nice one but my favourite one is Owen's Defense. A game played by Morphy in early 80's:

3)After the opening our aim should be to control the centre and attacking the opponent with all pieces developed.

4)One must try to open opponent's king after castling if he want to increase his chances of victory. 

5)After development of all the pieces(both the sides), one mst think tactically, as one move can change the game after complete development.

6)If oppponent has forked two pieces (except King), he must try to give a check from one of the piece in order to protect both of them.

7)End game is equally important as the opening and the middle game. one must practice pawn races.

8)In order to improve the game the best thing is to complete the lessons of Chess Mentor and Tactics Trainer.

9)One must review and analyse the game of high rated titled players in order to improve his game.