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A death in 1863.

A death in 1863.

Jan 2, 2017, 12:35 PM 1

   Mid-nineteenth century England - feared and romanticized, tuberculosis, known as the White Plague, is a common cause of death.  Its sufferers die slowly, waning like the moon.    There is no known cure.  

 Chess is a respected and vibrant sport and London is considered by many to be the center of the chess universe.  Philidor is buried in St. James,  Anderssen v Kieseritzky is a modern wonder, the blazing brilliance of comet Morphy is still dazzling the continent.  Chess books and journals proliferate,  newspapers feature chess columns.  The art of the chess problem thrives.

   In the small village of Bridport, in mid-November, the chess problem composer John Brown dies of tuberculosis.   He is 36 years old and leaves behind a wife, and small children.


Problem No. 4


 White to move and mate in two moves.

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