Inch by inch.


Starting USCF 566(p)

Current USCF 741

Tournaments this year: 7

Games played: 25


I am bit by tiny bit improving my chess.  My goal is to break 1000 by the end of the year - I'm fairly comfortable that I'll be able to achieve this, as long as I play enough.   I only made one event in July.  It's likely I will only play one in August as well.   Hopefully things will pick up again in September.

My immediate chess goal is to break USCF 1000.   My short term goal is to play the Cleveland Classic at the end of November and perform well - it's a five round event, and I would like to take home at least 3 points.  

During the next four months, leading up to the Classic, I want to do the following:

  1. Study one masters game thorougly each week.
  2. Play at least 2 long time control games each week using my chessboard.   I need to do this to keep the stuff I practice and study online translating solidly to OTB play.
  3. Work on tactics every day.
  4. Work from my tactics antenna book at least twice a week.
  5. Use my long form analysis format to analyze all my tournament games.


Most importantly,  I want to keep having fun!   I really enjoy playing chess, and practicing and studying it.   As long as I am really enjoying my games and my study, it doesn't matter to me how slowly I progress.   Pleasure is what will keep me improving in the long term.