Long Form Analysis

Apr 16, 2015, 8:03 AM |

This is my plan for long form analysis.   I've developed it from FM CharlyAZ's Hardcore Guide to Analyzing Your Chess Games.

Mostly I've paraphrased for clarity and identify for myself a solid timeframe.  Maybe sometime I'll turn it into an actual form, with plenty of room for diagrams and notes, that can be kept with the tournament score sheet.

During the game:

Record the time with each move.

Immediately after the game:

Quickly play through the notation, making notes of my thoughts/plans/decisions and reasoning.

Identify at least three things learned during play

Identify obvious critical moments of the game.

Later in the day:

Slowly play over the game,  exanding on my earlier notes, and identifying all critical moments.

Within a day of the game:

Analyze the critical moments of the game - identify at least 2 better moves for blunders, calculate better lines for failed combinations, and assess the position.  Identify missed tactical and positional opportunities.

Within a few days of the game:

Check opening theory.   Identify flaws in the opening, and study the correct variation to understand why it is correct and the flaw is flawed.

Write a brief summary of the errors made,  their immediate and general causes, and a possiblity for addressing each one.

Publish this analysis and request feedback, and run a computer analysis of the game.

After feedback and computer analysis:

Pay special attention to any errors that were missed in the original analysis.  Try to determine why they were missed, and how to identify them in the future. 

Study points of conflict between the original analysis and feedback.

Annotate the original analysis with the new information.

Write a brief summary of the final analysis,  identifying the specific weaknesses in play and analysis to address and plans for fixing them.