Slowly but surely.

Dec 24, 2010, 8:05 PM |

  I am improving.   I am starting to win now and then when my opponent blunders,  and some of the games that I am losing, I can tell when and why I lost - it's not all just a fog of reactions that I couldn't understand while it was happening.  And today I was able to get a draw out of a position I might once have just lost.

And the problems in my current book are getting easier to see -  I can visualize the moves a little better, without needing to be walked through the exchange move by move in order to follow it.

Current plan:

Tactics Trainer, 30 minutes.

Chess Mentor, 30 minutes.

Book study,  30 minutes.

Other study - however much/what ever I feel like and/or have time for.   Books, videos, articles, studying masters games, what ever.

Play - at least one G30 a day.

Analysis - annotate any important games immediately after play,  re-annotate on Sunday,  after re-annotation run through chessmaster or review here or at club.