Mustard Seed Melter.

Apr 4, 2015, 6:36 AM |

This was a rough day for me.    I was a little sick and lot sleep deprived going into it,   and I played poorly.    I'm working on the pgn's today,  and I can say that I've improved my notation, which was one of my main goals.   So far, error free.   I'll post them later, or maybe tomorrow,  since I'm having dinner with the family this afternoon.

  I finished the day 1.0/4,  but I'm really iffy about the win.   To avoid byes in both our sections I was paired with a child from U-1000 (I play U-1400), and it's real hard to feel good about a win against a kid whose ELO is under 200 and who can barely write well enough to take notation.