Worse than I thought.

Nov 17, 2010, 8:41 PM |

Played 5(?)  live games today.    Pretty sucky play on my end.    I need to go more slowly, especially in my last games - my brain got pretty melty and I was making some drop dead stupid moves.

Nothing quite as bad as my first game,  but it was still pretty embarassing.

Vague schedule to get ready for Dec 4th tournament   - after dinner, do whatever analysis I want to do from previous days games.   Read an article.   Do the three tactics trainer problems I get for free.  From 8-10, just play chess.   Annotate any games I want to analyze tomorrow.    Daily puzzle, opening, puzzle archive, blog, forums, whatever while I wait for dasHusband to get home.

I should be able to make time for this three, maybe four nights a week.   Even if I know I can't make time to play or analyze, I can still work in the tactics trainer every day, by grabbing time at lunch, or whatever.  Maybe I can swing my budget to get the membership here, as well as my tourney expenses.   Tomorrow I'm off to mall where the tourney will be - check out the venue,  visit the shop that sponsors it, get myself a chess clock, maybe a book.  

We'll see.