New Chess Song by Juga

New Chess Song by Juga

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Chilean singer Juga just released her 3rd chess song and music video called:

As a close friend of Juga, I'm one of those lucky ones who get to listen to her compositions and watch her music videos before anyone. It's quite a privilege, and yet I'm just as excited about the official premieres too, when I can finally share with the rest of my friends and followers what I had already known:

She has just produced yet another mind-blowing chess song.
The latest one, Tactical, is the first chess music video of Juga where she appears in the clip -- and she does that with a bang! Take a look:

Surviving yourself, when your worst enemy is inside you

With powerful, heartfelt lyrics and deep emotional understanding, her song deals with the inner struggles chess players and all humans go through.
The song was inspired by Mikhail Tal, World Chess Champion between 1960-1961, and makes tribute to "The Magician of Riga".

Juga is a songwriter and chess artist from Chile, she writes and sings chess-inspired songs in English.

Her chess song "Oh Capablanca" is considered the best chess song ever written!

Juga gets involved in every stage of the creative process: she co-produces the musical arrangements
and writes the scripts of her surrealistic, James Bond style chess videos, together with other renowned artists from Chile.

She has presented her chess songs at Chess Olympiad 2018, the World Chess Championship match between Carlsen and Caruana, as well as at the BBC World Radio, Altibox Norway Chess, Sky News,
Judit Polgar's Global Chess Festival, and the Newspaper Diario El País among others.

If you are a fan of her music too, you can join her new Club on called "Chess Songs by Juga". 

October 12th she released TACTICAL, at the Global Chess Festival by Judit Polgar.

She has performed her chess songs at the opening and closing ceremony, and also gave her first chess music lecture, titled Chess & Music: Emotions and Symbols Explored Through Songs. The lecture she will also present this week at the Rotary Club International in Munich, Germany.

Juga is a chess fan and promoter of the game who has been collaborating with several chess organisations and foundations from a young age. She is the founder of the Chilean Women's Chess Championship (2007), a tournament in which she competes as well, almost every year.

Finally, last year she received the "Goodwill Ambassador Award for Artistic Values of Chess" from Judit Polgar, a title also awarded to Yoko Ono, among other artists.

Find out more about her music and follow her on: to explore her magical world of chess and music!