Nov 4, 2011, 1:57 PM |

Have you ever seen an animal, like a human being, waste away in grief? I saw it this week for the second time.
Fifteen years ago, the death of my dog ​​Clochard, Taram The Cat fade away in a few hours. His chin turned white in two days. For weeks he sought Clochard everywhere, including in the attic. Despite the presence of Sydney, a puppy at that time.

This week, after the death of Mira - he saw her dead a few minutes on the living room carpet - I saw Sydney head down as he never does and wander from one place to another without ever really stay somewhere. Glassy eyes, or rather the distant look. Without eating for more than 24 hours.

Therefore Shana came with us yesterday. Shana is a female Shetland and is two month old. Both quiet and terribly present to Sydney, who raised again his head and cares as a nurse like he does for all members of the tribe. Even for me. Of course Sydney still has the look vague at times, he isolates himself in a corner of the room and looks out endlessly. But Shana does not let him alone too long. Then he stands up, takes upon himself and follows her.

Neither Sydney and the cats, nor me, we will never forget Mira, but Shana for sure will help us start another life.