Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Jun 30, 2015, 7:11 PM |

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I recently read a book titled Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. This book is for beginners and intermediate players who would like to learn and improve the concept of checkmate. It includes everything a player has to know about checkmate. In this blog I will include excerpts of the book and my opinion.

(Excerpt from Ch.1 pg.20)


"The object of Chess is to attack the enemy King in such a way that it cannot escape capture. Once this is done the King is "chechmated" and the game is terminated. Therefore, whenever a King is under attack ("check"), it must escape that attack befor the game can go on.

"Consider the following position:

"The White Rook is checking the Black King. There are three ways of escaping check:
          1)   Capturing the checking piece (Bishop: arrow 1).
          2)   Interposing a piece between the King and the checking piece (Rook: arrow 2).
          3)   Fleeing to a square where the King will not be in check (arrow 3)."
This is the 20th page of Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. Next time I will try to write 1-5 pages.