Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (continued)

Jul 1, 2015, 8:11 AM |

This is the 21st page of Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.

"Remember, if a King is in check and has no way of escaping, then that King is "checkmated."

"Consider this position:

"Here the checking piece (Queen) can't be captured because it is protected by the Rook. Black has no possible interpositions and all the potential fleeing squares (A, B, C, D) are attacked by the White Queen. Black is in check and has no means of escaping: Black is checkmated. The game is over.
"Compare the position above with the one that follows:
"In diagram B, Black is in check and has no moves to escape from check. But in diagram C, Black is not in check; any move with his King would put his King in check, and his Pawn is blocked. Black has no legal move. This situation is known as "stalemate" and the game is drawn."
Sorry for any typos, I tried writing this without looking at the keyboard. Even though I proofread it might still have some mistakes.