Lyudmila Rudenko (Second Women's World Chess Champion) Bio

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Lyudmila Rudenko

Second Women’s World Chess Champion



Lyudmila Rudenko was the second Women's World Chess Champion from 1950 until 1953. Rudenko was born on July 27, 1904 in Lubny in the Poltava region of Ukraine, in the Russian Empire and died March 4, 1986. She was awarded the FIDEInternational Master and Woman International Master titles in 1950 and the Woman Grandmaster title in 1976. Rudenko was the first woman awarded the International Master title.


While living in Leningrad Lyudmila Rudenko studied with P. Romanovsky and A. Tolush. She became an accomplished player with a tactical, combinatorial style of play. Rudenko became the champion of Leningrad seen times, with good results appeared in seventeen USSR championships.


After grammar school, she moved to Odessa and took a degree in economics. Rudenko became the Odessa swimming champion in the 400m-breast stroke. In 1925, Lyudmila Rudenko was the holder of the title of Vice-Swimming Champion of Ukraine (breaststroke). Her professional career would be as an economic planner for the Soviet Union, and chess would remain a hobby.



Lyudmila Rudenko vs Rowena Mary Bruce

ENG-URS radio, 1946

 Caro-Kann Defense: Exchange Variation (B13)


1. e4c6 2. d4d5 3. ed5cd5 4. Bd3Nc6 5. c3Nf6 6. h3e6 7. Nf3Bd6 8. O-Oh6 9. Re1O-O 10. Ne5Be5 11. de5Nd7 12. Qh5Re8 13. Bh6gh6 14. Qh6Nf8 15. Re3Ne7 16. Rg3Nfg6 17. h4Nf5 18. Bf5ef5 19. h5Qh4 20. Nd2Re6 21. Nf3Qe7 22. hg6Rg6 23. Rg6fg6 24. Qg6Kf8 25. Ng5Qd7 26. Nh7Ke7 27. Qf6Ke8 28. Qf8#