A list from 1920…

Jan 9, 2008, 8:46 AM |

A list from 1920…


A study conducted by Soviet masters revealed 16 traits that is necessary for a player to attain a high degree of success.


1)      A good reserve of physical strength and good general health

2)      Strong nerves

3)      Self-control

4)      Ability to distribute attention over many factors

5)      Ability to perceive dynamic relationships

6)      A contemplative turn of mind

7)      A high level of intellectual development

8)      Ability to think objectively

9)      Ability to think concretely

10)   A powerful memory for chess matters

11)   Synthetical in thought and in imagination

12)   Combinative ability

13)   A disciplined will

14)   A higly active intellect

15)   Disciplined emotions

16)   Self-confidence


From Gary Kasparov’s, “Child of Change.”