My First Game (Win!)

Feb 11, 2008, 9:08 PM |

Hello World, I'm new to chess and new to Cumulatively, I've been playing for a month now; I've been to three chess club nights at the local coffee shop and had a few informal lessons with a local veteran. This is my first finished game on I didn't include my opponent's name out of courtesy, although I suppose it's rendered meaningless since anyone can look at my game history. 

I read the article on the Terrible Traxler before I played this game, and once I started playing it, I immediately noticed some similarities and decided to take a risk and see what I could make happen. What resulted was obviously a win. I haven't read any of the other Traxler Part # Articles, so I don't know if what I did is described in one of them or documented elsewhere. I'll let you guys tell me if it has a name xP. Either way, I'm pretty happy about it: not because it was particularly difficult, but because I'm starting to improve at seeing weaknesses and exploiting them. Feel free to comment, but go easy, please; I'm new!