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So Much To Learn

So Much To Learn

Apr 9, 2008, 7:49 AM 1

Well this is my first blog post and i'm fairly nervous as i havent done this before. I'm not exactly what you would call computer savy and generally try to avoid most things to do with computers but thats off the topic.

I have just joined this website because one i only recently, if you call 3 months ago recently, found out really how fun this great game is and was so excieted that playing with my friends just wasnt enough. And two because its so hard to find a HELPFULL online chess website. So when i stumbled across articles that helped novice players to increase both their knowledge of chess and their playing ability i jumped at the chance to join.

The first thing i found at this website is that it is filled with incredibly talented people here who have more knowledge about the game than anyone i had talked to previously. Secondly i found the difference between my current skill lvl, not high, and some of my opponents, very high. However i have been on this site for almost a week and in this time i have already seen my game improve. I Even won some matches Tongue out. Fast improvement eh. Thishas been caused by the great tips that are always being posted on this website and the helpfullness of the sites community.

This is my first post and i would like to end with a thankyou to all those who have helped me, and all other begginers, with or without knowing.

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