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Guess what I discovered yesterday?

Guess what I discovered yesterday?

Jul 6, 2012, 3:11 PM 1

My grandpa gave me an old chess that he said was 70 years old about a year ago. Looking on the condition I believed him. It was one of those sets where the board is in the case where you put the pieces, so your playing on the case. My dad said to put it up in the attic because it stunk and he wouldnt allow anyone to clean it because it was wood and he didnt want it to rot. Well, yesterday we were cleaning out the attic and believe me I know my parents didnt do this becuase I was the first up there yesterday. I was cleaning things out when I found the chess set, I decided to open it up. I oponed up one of the compartments where the pieces are at but then I saw an even smaller compartment under it. I opened it up and found a total of $743 ( In american money) of different currancy from around the world. When we told my grandpa, he said the set belonged to a world tourist at the time.

So to me, I believed the money wasnt found until yesterday.            

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