My really weird switch in Has it happened to you also?

Jul 16, 2012, 9:35 AM |

Sorry but I dont have a picture for this blog this time. I'm using a public computer and I dont want to save any pictures on the hard drive.


So down to the blog.


                       When I just joined I didnt really get into the forums and blogs. I just played in live chess and online chess. I also just used to spend allot of time in the Learn section of One day I got a bit bored ( not allot ) of playing in live and wanted to try something new. I clicked on the Forums tab to see what it was all about. I saw a whole bunch of topics and titles of forums, I really didnt know what they were at the time so I clicked on one. It was a daily puzzle forum. I did the puzzle, I liked it so I commented on it. I  used to be shy on here and never used    to post anything. I even had my homepage empty. Then, I clicked on another forum topic that was posted by a member. I actually found the discussion amusing and fun to read. What I did was post a comment and then track the topic for more comments because I wanted to be part of it. It was really fun and I wanted to keep on doing it; so I spent my whole time on in the forums instead of live chess. A few days after my first day in ANY forums I posted my first forum called Even though they are worth three points which would be better to have, Bishop or Knight. ( And this was a long time ago so this forum was dead for a long time. ).

Then I just started writing blogs forums and making puzzle and being with the community more often than I used to at all. ( This blog is a bit more directed towards the new members.)

Dont be shy, hang out in the forums for your time and see how much fun it is. It makes your time on more enjoyable and fun.

Thanks for reading :) and tell me what you think about it and post if you had this experience also.