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Feb 15, 2011, 7:11 PM |

what´s up guys?

A year ago i made the decision to change my operative system from windows to Linux. One post is not enough to list all benefits you get by using Linux (security, speed, stable, free of charge). 

Then one day, i wanted to analyze a certain position with an engine. The first thing that came to me was that i could use some windows native engines like rybka, fritz, chessmaster, But to do so i will have to emulate with wine or some similar stuff. Then i search for native linux programs and i find SCID, an amazing chess database application that provides practically all features i used in chessbase back when i used windows. I think that it came with an already installed engine, but you can install others as whell. The best Engine in the open source world is Stockfish (rated over 3200 ELO on most chess rating list, Stockfish is right up there with commercial engines like Rybka or Naum).

So, SCID with Stockfish is a really top choice not just for linux users,  both can run in windows and mac. And they are free!

if you uses Linux or cant afford chessbase or rybka, then give this excellent programs a try.