The legend of Capablanca and the Martian.

The legend of Capablanca and the Martian.

Nov 19, 2010, 1:59 PM |

In his early days, Capablanca was analysing some matches, training for his match in Corzo, Cuba. When suddenly it appears to him a Martian. The Intelligent creature got interest in the game and Capablanca teach him step by step the rules and basics of chess and his last indication was this: "when a pawn gets to the last rank, you can call any other piece"

So, they start the dramatic match until they reach this position:


White to move, and Capablanca plays King to c2, threatening checkmate in the next move. The Martian then played  h1=King!!!


The great Capa said

_No!, you can´t

_but you said one can call any other piece!

Capablanca agreed to play because he had not properly detailed that rule. Then he realized Bd4 gives mate to one king but the other is stalemate. The great José Raúl think and came with this move: a8=Black King!!


Was here than the Martian protest but the rules where clear (" can call any piece"). so he play forced move kb8 - white plays-h7, then black plays (again forced move) king to a8, and now Capablanca plays h8=Queen and he gives checkmate to the tree kings!!.


"chess is the hands of Capablanca"


Original text by IM Pedro A Parnenzini :