Those crazy Chess player: chapter 1 "Alexander Alekhine"

Mar 8, 2011, 1:03 PM |

October 31, 1892 – March 24, 1946

Alexander Alekhine is one of the greates chess player ever, he was the fourth world chess champion. In 1927 he beat capablanca an earn the title of world chess champion.

But did you know...

He had a cat named "chess" (the one showed in the picture above) that was a very important member of Alekhine´s team. He usually take his cat to matches to sniff and taste the pieces and the board to make sure no one wants to hurt him or cheat.

In 1935, in Varsovia toke place an international team tournament. Alekhine was playing for the french team since he had nationalized french. However, during the travel he came to the polish frontier without a passport. When the functionaries ask him for his documentation he replied: "Im Alekhine, world chess champion. I have a cat named chess... i don't need documentation." 

One time he went to give an exhibition so drunk that he started to urinate on the floor and the exhibition had to be postponed.

Shortly before a game, during the match against Euwe in 1935, they found him lying in a field,completely drunk. They say that in those daysAlekhine drank like a possessed man. In game number 22 of the match, in what seemed an insolite anti alcoholic fight, Alekhine took to the table a bottle of pineapple juice (with alcohol in it)  and a pair of glasses. Euwe and he, in a memorable hand in hand, ended with the juice quickly.

In one occasion, Alekhine resigned throwing his king trough the room.


On this serie of "those crazy chess players" i will post a game of the player.

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