Under Water In The Pacific

Under Water In The Pacific

Oct 6, 2013, 7:56 PM |

Arizona goes down and St. Louis goes up! 

Here is a video recap of all four games for those too tired to click through the games Tongue Out

It was not a pretty sight to say the least. Arizona had a very tough assignment on Board 1 with Molner taking on Akobian, but try as they might, neither player could make any progress by move 23 and a peace treaty was signed.


On Board 2 there was an interesting clash between Kannappan with White against Mark Ginsburg. Mark pressed too hard for the win, perhaps he felt he could not hold back Kannappan's powerful passed pawn duo on the queenside, but as analysis shows, these pawns were not so easy to move up the board with the particular pieces that were left on the board and Black's bishop pair may well have saved the day.


Board 3 showed no lack of excitement. As the game unfolded I felt for sure that this would win the Game Of The Week for Vitaly Neimer, however, on closer inspection it can be seen that he didn't play it as well as he could have and that Robby missed some excellent winning chances. In fact, had Robby not lost his way in a complex position this may have won the GotW award for White!

UPDATE: 10/7/13: The Move Of The Week went to Neimer in this game for playing 23...b4 - when I first saw this post on the USCL main page the move was given a "!" if I am not mistaken but now it seems to have a "!?", curioser and curioser. In my notes in the game here you will see that I give it a "??" - you be the judge, I feel that Robby was not himself and missed the winning continuation. 

On Board 4 Bryan Hu was clearly the favorite with a much higher rating than his opponent, Jacob Wilkins. Jacob played solid chess and didn't give an inch. Bryan took a lot of time over a couple of moves in the early middle game and that may have cost him later in the game. One slightly careless move and Jacob jumped on the chance to level out the game, from that point there was no longer a much needed chance for victory and Arizona went down 3-1 with a draw in this game.


Up next for the Scorpions will be the Conneticut Dreadnoughts. I am looking at a 3-1 score for the Scoprions in this match-up on Tuesday, October 8th starting at 9:00 PM EST


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