Keep Treading Water You Scorpions!

Keep Treading Water You Scorpions!

Oct 20, 2013, 3:55 PM |

Boy, I tell you, we get no respect! The Scorpions have been adrift in the Pacific (Division) for a long time... There was a chance when the Dreadnaughts came sailing through, but NO! They threw down a couple of MRE's and kept on going. Next the Scorpions work their way up the coast to San Francisco. Any help there? No! Instead, the Scorpions didn't even get to the shore as the San Francisco Mechanics simply kept throwing rocks at our floundering Scorpions to keep them at bay with a 4-0 sweep! How rude!

So, are the Arizona Scorpions out of the picture for the play-offs? Well, yes and no. Mathmatically there is an outside chance they can make it, but those chances are between slim and none. Still, you press on. If Arizona can strike out the Seattle Sluggers this coming week and then find some way to quiet the LA Vibe by some big scores they will have a chance. This week's match with Seattle will be the telling factor - if they can't get things going in the right direction there, then it's all over.

Here is the video recap so you won't hurt your mouse finger scrolling through the games below.

Against the Mechanics the Scorpions had no choice but to field their "B" team. Unfortunately they came up lacking as the following game fragments will clearly show.

On Board 1 it was Vinay Bhat with White against Shahin Mohandesi.

The next game on Board 2 didn't bode well for Pedram Atoufi who had White against Daniel Naroditsky. Pedram resigned at move 16!

Board 3 came up empty as well when Anjelina Belakovskaia got a bad position out of the opening against David Pruess.

And finally, all hopes were dashed when Bryan Hu couldn't make headway with White against Siddharth Banik.

Next up, the Seattle Sluggers, Tuesday night at 9:00 PM EST on October 22nd. Tune in and watch some exciting chess and learn from some great commentators!