Week 4 Monday Predictions

Week 4 Monday Predictions

Sep 26, 2010, 5:41 PM |

By FM Robby Adamson

Last week 6-2! Dont count on it to last.  If Calvin Johnson’s catch against the Bears in Week 1 of the NFL doesnt count, then nothing is safe! What a terrible rule if that really is the correct application of the rule. Very quick picks on the Monday Matches.

Manhattan Applesauce vs New York Knights

Why do the Knights look so hard to beat each week? Seems like they should never lose! NY Knights win 3-1.

Philadelphia Inventors vs Baltimore Kingfishers

 Very close match here. I will predict whoever wins on board 1 GM Panchanthan   vs. GM Erenberg. Therefore, I predict a tie 2-2.      

St. Louis Arch Bishops vs Miami Sharks

Dang, only 2 GMs for St Louis this week – so it only seems natural that Miami should put forth 2 GMs. This is going to be close match but in the end I predict St Louis comes out on top. Board 3 could be the swing board – Eric Rodriguez needs to regain his form, and Miami really needs this win, lest they fall to 0-4. Its hard to pick against Naka and company. St Louis wins their 2nd in a row, 2.5-1.5.

Dallas Destiny vs Arizona Scorpions

Youngster and 2009 hero David Adelberg makes his debut as Arizona goes for their 4th different lineup in4 weeks!  AZ wins 2.5-1.5.