Week 4 Preview of AZ Scorpions vs. Dallas Destiny

Week 4 Preview of AZ Scorpions vs. Dallas Destiny

Sep 26, 2010, 5:43 PM |

By John Gurczak

John Gurczak – player on the Arizona Scorpions here.  Heading into week 4, the Scorpions are sporting a perfect record in the league (3-0) and are looking to improve upon it. This week they are facing the Dallas Destiny, one of the most successful teams in the league over the years, but a team that has struggled as of late. With each team using a balanced lineup, this is going to prove to be yet another exciting match up. Now let’s take a look at each match up in greater detail…

Board 1

IM Salvijus Bercys (2467) vs. IM Levon Altounian (2496)

Bercys is a devoted d4 player and looking at Lev’s recent games there is a good chance he could play a QGA or some 1…d6 sideline. My database has no record of these two players playing and I expect Lev to hold his own and secure the draw.

Board 2

FM Warren Harper (2408) vs. IM Julio Sadorra (2471)

This is an important match up for the Scorpions since Warren is an underdog. Warren does have white though and can play practically anything on move 1, so it’s tough to predict any particular opening. Given his strong results as of late, particularly in the U.S. Junior where he was able to string together 3 straight wins to start the tournament and defeat Ray Robson in the last round; I think Warren will come through with the victory.

Board 3

FM Keaton Kiewra (2361) vs. IM-Elect Robby Adamson (2363)

These two players played against each other last year with colors reversed and Kiewra got the best of Robby that game. After speaking with Robby I don’t think he will allow for this to happen again. I expect the game to start out as either a Sicilian or French and to be a hard fought game. In the end, I predict Robby will hold down the draw.

Board 4

David Adelberg (2275) vs. Bayaraa Zorigt (2240)

David is making his season debut this week versus a familiar opponent. These two players faced each other last year with the colors reversed except the result of that game went our way. David has continued to show improvement over the past year and given he has white this time around, I predict he will come out on top.

In the end I see the Scorpions defeating the Destiny 3-1 and improving their record to 4-0! Thanks to fellow Scorpion, Nick Thompson, for editing.