Week 5 USCL Prediction Picks by FM Robby Adamson

Week 5 USCL Prediction Picks by FM Robby Adamson

Sep 29, 2009, 10:47 AM |


Robby Adamson provides predictions on US Chess League matches every week and continues on week 5. You can read more about Robby and the rest of the Scorpions team by checking out their blog.


At the almost half-way point of the 2009 USCL season, it’s time for my predictions to improve some. My record straight up picking winners is 10 Wins, 18 losses. Remember, you have a 33% chance of picking the winner of a match correctly, so I probably am doing a little below average.  Let’s look quickly at the Week 5 match-ups.

Baltimore Kingfishers vs. Boston Blitz

Baltimore used the balanced lineup last week to beat my Scorpions, and this week they decide to use the unbalanced, double GM lineup with Kritz and Erenberg vs. LarryC and Shmelov. If Boston can split these 2 games, Baltimore is in trouble. If not, then Baltimore has a great chance to win. Somehow, I think Boston comes through her though don’t count out the Kingsfishers.  Boston wins 2.5-1.5.

Miami Sharks vs. Carolina Cobras

Carolina dropped a tough one last week – really they should have won – and I am confident they will break out of their funk, just like the Detroit Lions did this week vs. the hapless Redskins. Wanna bet Head Coach Jim Zorn gets fired this week? He probably should be, and QB Jason Campbell should join him on the bench (really Zorn will end up being some defensive coordinator somewhere, maybe for the Lions!)  But I digress. I think the drought lasts one more week – Miami wins 2.5-1.5.

Philadelphia Inventors vs Queens Pioneers

Philly needs this one badly in the very competitive and tight Eastern division. Both Philly and Queens have very balanced lineups. Philly needs this worse than Queens.  Philly squeaks by, 2.5-1.5.

New Jersey Knockouts vs Chicago Blaze

Benjamin has white on board 1 and a rating edge, while Chicago’s IM Angelo Young looks to continue his impressive undefeated record in the USCL vs. NJ’s Metallica/Iron Maiden and almost IM, Mackenzie Molner. Two juniors and recently crowned masters, Eric Rosen and Andrew Ng face off, again maybe a match decider. I can see another NJ win though I don’t think board 4 decides the match – NJ continues their impersonation of the New England Patriots and go 5-0 (though the Pats did lose somehow to the Giants). NJ wins

New York Knights vs SF Mechanics

Even though NY has struggled somewhat, I think this will be a really close match. GM Giorgi Kacheisvili is going to have to inflict pain on Josh Friedel for NY to be successful, NY also needs NM Yaacov Norowitz, the super NY board 4, against USCL undefeated youngster Yian Liou. NY has a small edge in this match, but I think peace prevails – heck I had to pick 1 tie. Tie 2-2.

Arizona Scorpions vs. Dallas Destiny

First, I want to take this opportunity to offer my congratulations to Arizona’s newest IM, Danny Rensch. Now to the watch, The Scorps have had a rough go of it the last 2 weeks, while Dallas has been a little unlucky in their matches. Scorps needs this badly – and I am not picking against my team. AZ wins 2.5-1.5.

Seattle Sluggers vs. Tennessee Tempo

Apparently an attempt to re-schedule this match to Monday failed. TN features the double GM lineup, and this gives them an edge. GM Greg Serper needs to hold at a minimum for Seattle to survive, and WGM Rohonyan needs to make decisive use of her white to survive. I think TN has the edge, but somehow I gotta pick one more tie match. Tie 2-2.

Last Week – 2-5

Season – 10-18