Aug 15, 2015, 4:21 AM |

A few days ago, while going through one of many PaulEChess's excellent blogs, I got this excellent but simple advice : Analyze your own games. If you don't you will get nowhere by simply picking up ideas. Also, I learnt a similar thing : hindsight bias.

Inspired by this, I get down to analyse my first game in the the first blog of my soon-to-break-records series, "Game Analysis".

KANOSHY (1556) VS. ARKA2507(1548)  Time control : 30 0

The kings pawn opening is both popular and logical. It opens lines for both queen and bishop and leads to a more "tactical" game.
The symmetrical reply, challenging d4 and f4.
Developing with tempo and also challenging d4. This is the most logical move. Its only drawback: it blocks the f- pawn.
Developing and protecting the e-pawn and fighting for d4.   ( 2... d6 is somewhat passive as it neglects development and the d4 square and also hens in the K-bishop.  )
These are developing moves fighting for central space and following the maxim "Knights before bishop" to the fullest. 
A really passive reply.
An inaccuracy. Better was  ( 4... d5 5. exd5 Nxd5 6. Nxd5 Qxd5 7. d3 with a large advantage. Always set up a ideal pawn centre if you can.  )
White prevents d5 and takes his bishop outside the pawn chain. 
Not best but with a new idea I had got after studying Morphy's games. The idea is to play Nh7 with f5 to follow. A lot of times when black plays ...Nh5 White has the tactic Nxe5!. This move additionally prevents Bg5. 
Not good.Be3 was better. 8... Nh7 9. Nd5 Trying to refute my idea but I had a planned response.
This move strengthens the f5 advance, challenges the d5 knight and threatens c6.
I just don't understand this move.  ( 10. Be3 was better.  )  10... Nxd5 11. exd5
I expected   ( 11. Bxd5 c6 12. Ba2 Kh8 13. Be3 when his position is tenable.  )
He tries to counter on the Q-side. 
( 13... a5 mat be better but I don't know.  )
Throwing away his initiative.  ( 14. c4 was better.  ) 14... Ba7 15. Bb2
Trying to discourage ...e4 but I decided to play it anyway.
The critical mistake allowing me to launch an attack. Better was   ( 17. Nd4 headind for d6 gives him counterplay.  )
Another mistake allowing... 
Shattering white kings cover. 
Now its all overafter this petty combination. 
There is no defence to ...Rg4+.The rest of the game is easy.