Paul Morphy

Jul 4, 2015, 2:57 AM |

Paul Morphy was by and far the greatest player of the mid nineteenth century. One of the reasons he was so dominant was his better grasp of positional play. I (like most amateaurs) like his games and for a justified reason, too.

His games are brilliant for their apparrent simplicity. Almost everybody can study Morphy's games and learn something because you do not have to know a lot of opening theory.

Today, in my first blog post, I am going to present a game of his which highlights a critical aspect of the openings : TIME AND DEVELOPMENT. Note that their is not a lot of opening theory involved, but a lesson in planning and piece activity. So, here is the game.




I hope you have enjoyed this one and learned something. I have not given any long variation as that would have taken us away from our main objective.