Re-learning the game

May 27, 2015, 3:20 PM |

When I was at school I played chess for my school. I was one of the stronger players at school, but when you go to an all-boys comprehensive school in the London suburbs that's not such a difficult feat.

When I went to college and University, other pursuits (studying, music, acting, women) took over and now - ten years later - I'm playing chess again.

On this blog I will be doing computer assisted analysis of my games, and - hopefully - I'll see some progression from a weak ~1200 rated player to someone who might worry their opponant.

This first game is against an opponent rated 1557, to my 1261 at the time. He's also the colleague who told me to re-activate my account here. Here goes:

In this game I needed to show some sharper calculation skills in order to stand a chance. I missed some key chances to get ahead. 11. ... e6 (instead of 11. ... e5) was a missed chance, as was 13. ... c6, where I really, really should have played 13. ... Bxh6. I was worried about the dark squares around my king - rightfully so, it turns out - but I was caught out by how fast white would mobilise his pieces around my king. I also really should have traded queens earlier. Since my opponant had the initiative, the fewer attacking pieces on the board the better my chances are.

Comments, etc..., on this game are welcomed.