Second Kitchen Table Invitational Chess Classic

This morning I organised my second Newham individual tournament - inviting selected children I teach and friends and family members. The 17 entrants included four other members of - Ferris, Lee, Dwight and Demello - but none was the overall winner. The picture right shows the competitors broken down by adults, teenagers and under-13s.

I delight in the variety of people at this tournament. Like chess in general, it really does cut across male/female, young/old and ethnic backgrounds. See

Lee, the highest rated player, started with three wins - the third being against Demello, the only other competitor with an ECF grading. But the fourth round saw Lee lose to Josiah, the other player on 3/3. Demello was meanwhile crushing Ferris on board four; so the final round saw Josiah a point clear but facing Demello on board one.

The Josiah/Demello game was last to finish, going to adjudication with Demello having the better of a rook, opposite-coloured bishops and pawn endgame. But Josiah was still the overall winner - on count-back, ie, he had reached four points first - and claimed the valuable cash-equivalent prize of a meal at the Kitchen Table Café.

Overall winner: Josiah - 4/5

Top Adult: Lee - 4/5

Top under-13: Demello - 4/5


  • 4 years ago


    I hope Josiah enters the next one ;)  He was a sneaky customer ;)   I look forward to my revenge ;)  Thanks for all your organising Alan.


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