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Arnolio vs. Kevin..(Speshalk03) The Rivalry Continues!

Aug 6, 2015, 6:03 PM 26

Welll...a bad start to the new Arnold vs. Kevin Chess Blog...Kevin's opening was very tricky.I was unable to castle my king....however early on my position looked pretty good. we both agreed that I had positional advantage. But Kevin was able to capture my unprotected pawn on B4....He was able to counter attack successfully and began making moves I could not really match..my pieces begun to move to the side of the board. In the end.. it was very frustrating because I had my major pieces but they were pushed to the back of the board and very ineffectual. My rival was able to isolate my king pulling him out and applying the check mate rather quickly.... his game has improved.,,But I could have done better in exploiting my early advantage.. hopefully I can win a few timed games to make up for this defeat.. before our next major match ... I definitely need to win more than him..at this point.

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