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Arnolio vs. Martin

Dec 1, 2013, 6:15 PM 7

Played a young chess player, Martinbendik, who was rated slightly above me. I haven't played for awhile, so I was glad to get opponent at or slightly above my rank. We played 2 matches, the first match I had my favorite white pieces!..The game went MUCH easier than I expected with Martin apparently having little to stop my advance. The game was soon a rout with my forces upending his game and finishing him off in 35 moves! He might have resigned earlier as I suggested, but he went until the bitter end. lol The second game Martin had white pieces, and of course it was closer. His comments indicated some embarrassment over the first loss and a determination to do better. He did. I was getting worried about a possible unexpected defeat, so I had to counterattack and finish him off in 39 moves. to overcome an early blunder. He was nearing a checkmate, but I was able to prevent it. These two games will be posted soon for observation and comment. Hopefully Martin and I will be rivals and have more games to post and write about.! That second match earned him some respect, and I know he will bring his best in our future match ups!

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