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Arnolio vs. Rawan

Sep 20, 2015, 4:52 PM 8

I have been waiting to play this new opponent for awhile..Our ranks were almost the same,,just 4 point advantage for me..and he is kind of a novice player who has only played a year or so..I thought this would be a good match up since my game has been getting beaten lately. The first match was close, but he was able to get inside my defense by late in mid game and proceded to isolate my king and apply winning pressure....by the endgame my king was totally exposed and Rawan was closing in for the sacking of my king...I conceded defeat in the chat box and resigned before he closed in for the inevitable mate..:-( The second match I had my favorite white pieces..I tried to aggressively attack, but his defense was solid and I was struggling to get in ...In frustration I managed to blunder away my queen..setting up a collapse of my game..Rawan was closing in on yet another decisive win ..trading pieces..but overlooked his own queen which I captured..since my time was running low and it would be difficult to mate with just a rook and some pawns..we agreed to a draw to end the sloppy second match.  Rawan plays stronger than I expected from someone rather young and inexperienced...We will meet again soon..Hopefully I can play Rawan soon and pin a couple defeats on him and regain some of my lost rank from todays matches.

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