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John D. verses Arnolio

May 26, 2013, 3:50 PM 3

Played my old friend from Yahoo Chess, Michael, (Johnderrill) in a couple of multiday per move chess matches...In the first match he committed some early blunders (uncharacteristic for him),,,I was lucky this happened because he is rated welllll above me (1600s)  I simply took my time and applied pressure until I was able to gain the amazing win...In game 2 I just took a lot of time per move and was able to match what he did to trade pieces,,,I asked for a draw when we were both at rook and a few pawns. At first he hesitated,but then accepted my offer,,,,Hoooray! I feared blowing it during the endgame against this very capable and deadly opponent.. Thanks Michael...until our next battle royal!

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